Phase-field modelling of paramagnetic austenite-ferromagnetic martensite transformation coupled with mechanics and micromagnetics
D. Ohmer, M. Yi, O. Gutfleisch, and B.-X. Xu


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Maximum performance of an active magnetic regenerator
D. Benke, M. Fries, T. Gottschall, D. Ohmer, A. Taubel, K. Skokov, and O. Gutfleisch

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Microstructure engineering of metamagnetic Ni-Mn-based Heusler compounds by Fe-doping: A roadmap towards excellent cyclic stability combined with large elastocaloric and magnetocaloric effects


L. Pfeuffer, J. Lemke, N. Shayanfar, S. Riegg, D. Koch, A. Taubel, F. Scheibel, N. A. Kani, E. Adabifiroozjaei, L. Molina-Luna, K. P. Skokov, and O. Gutfleisch


In: Acta Materialia 221 (2021) 117390
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Influence of microstructure on the application of Ni-Mn-In Heusler compounds for multicaloric cooling using magnetic field and uniaxial stress


L. Pfeuffer, A. Gràcia-Condal, T. Gottschall, D. Koch, T. Faske, E. Bruder, J. Lemke, A. Taubel, S. Ener, F. Scheibel, K. Durst, K. P. Skokov, L. Mañosa, A. Planes, and O. Gutfleisch


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Multicaloric effects in Metamagnetic Heusler Ni-Mn-In under uniaxial stress and magnetic field

A.Gràcia-Condal, T. Gottschall, L. Pfeuffer, O. Gutfleisch, A. Planes, L. Mañosa

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Influence of the martensitic transformation kinetics on the magnetocaloric effect in Ni-Mn-In

L.Pfeuffer, T. Gottschall, T. Faske, A. Taubel, F. Scheibel, A. Y. Karpenkov, S. Ener, K. P. Skokov and O. Gutfleisch

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Advanced characterization of multicaloric materials in pulsed magnetic fields

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Magnetic refrigeration with recycled permanent magnets and free rare earth magnetocaloric La‐Fe‐Si

D. Benke, M. Fries, M. Specht, J. Wortmann, M. Pabst, T. Gottschall, I. Radulov, K. Skokov, A. Ivor Bevan, D. Prosperi, C. O. Tudor, P. Afiuny, M. Zakotnik, O. Gutfleisch

In: Energy Technology  
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Pressure dependence of magnetic properties in La(Fe,Si)13: Multistimulus responsiveness of caloric effects by modeling and experiment

D. Yu. Karpenkov, A. Yu. Karpenkov, K. P. Skokov, I. A. Radulov, M. Zheleznyi, T. Faske, and O. Gutfleisch

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Non-isothermal phase-field modeling of heat–melt–microstructure-coupled processes during powder bed fusion

Y. Yang, P. Kühn, M. Yi, H. Egger, B.-X. Xu 

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Calculating the magnetocaloric effect in second-order-type material by micromagnetic simulations: A case study on Co2B

D. Ohmer, M. Yi, M. Fries, O. Gutfleisch, B.-X. Xu 

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Making a Cool Choice: The Materials Library of Magnetic Refrigeration

T. Gottschall, K. P. Skokov, M. Fries, A. Taubel, I. Radulov, F. Scheibel, D. Benke, S. Riegg, O. Gutfleisch

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Dynamics of the magnetoelastic phase transition and adiabatic temperature change in Mn1.3Fe0.7P0.5Si0.55

M. Fries, T. Gottschall, F. Scheibel, L. Pfeuffer, K.P. Skokov, I. Skourski, M. Acet, M. Farle, J. Wosnitza, O. Gutfleisch

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3D non-isothermal phase-field simulation of microstructure evolution during selective laser sintering

Y. Yang,  O. Ragnvaldsen,  Y. Bai,  M. Yi, B.-X. Xu

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Computational study on microstructure evolution and magnetic property of laser additively manufactured magnetic materials

M. Yi, B.-X. Xu, O. Gutfleisch

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Electronic entropy change in Ni-doped FeRh

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A multicaloric cooling cycle that exploits thermal hysteresis

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A quantitative criterion for determining the order of magnetic phase transitions using the magnetocaloric effect

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